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Domain Investing

What is domain investing ?

Domain investing also called domaining is like regular investing — buying low and selling high — but instead of commodities, stocks or mutual funds, real estate, it's with domain names.

... are you ready to start investing in the virtual real estate (domain names)? Domains are a great asset in today's Internet world. Like any other investment, you need to put some effort to become a successful domain investor. So lets's get started ...

Recognize the power of domain names

Learn and educate yourself for creative digital investors and entrepreneurs. Hundreds of millions of people own a domain, but very few understand the true power of domain names and what value it could add their businesses and brands. Let's go back to history and try to understand if in reality a domain name itself can change the business value itself. here are some examples ... upgraded to for a cost of $1 million, and sold to for more than $30 million. started out as, was, and started out as Imagine if these businesses had not snagged such valuable domain names. Do you think they would be as successful? I believe NO. Probably by now you do recognize the power of domain names.

Domain industry news and learning

Before investing on domain names you should educate yourself on domaining. you could learn more on domaining, domain industry news and updates from the below websites

  • - paid course on domain investing
  • - interviews with successful domain investors.
  • - latest and updated domain industry news
  • - to connect with other domain investors.

Build the right tool set

These are some widely used domain tools list that could help you on your domain investing journey.

  • - expired domain name search engine
  • Google Keyword Planner - to determine a keyword’s search volume
  • SEO Analysis Tool - tool like mangools, ahrefs, majestic or semrush to see backlink profile information and trust factors.
  • - historical domain name sales database containing more than $1 billion in sales
  •,, - to find whois information on a domain name
  • - secure payment gateway for buying and selling domain names.

Start buying domain names

Manage your portfolio

Sell domain name to make profit

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