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Domain names are the real estate of the online world. Domain investment require low entry and maintenance costs but yeild high returns over the period. It’s an essential practice to value up a domain you are selling or buying to get a true picture of its price and potential. domHow domain appraisals gives you the most accurate estimate of a domain name in the internet. Our domain appraisal algorithm consider 08 key factors of a domain name to evaluate its current market value. The domain appraisal 08 factors are :
  1. domain extension (TLD) and domain length
  2. how good pronounceable and easy to remember
  3. language complexity and special characters
  4. local and international usability
  5. search engine friendliness and misusabilty
  6. advertisement earning potential
  7. trademark issues or disputes factors
  8. recent similar comparable domain sales history
So why wait ... hurry and send us your domain name for appraisal to "hellolopash[at]". We will send you the estimated value of the requested domain name to your email-id within 1-7 days of time.

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