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How To Make Money With Domain Names

Domain names are hot commodities in today's tech-centric world. Domain names are the internet's real estate, replacing land with virtual property. Like real world property, domain names can be bought and sold for profit, generate residual income, and developed to increase their value and thousands of people are making moey from domain names. There are many different ways to earn money from domain names and they are ...

make money buying and selling domains

Buying a good domain name and selling it over time is a common way for domain investors to turn a profit. But you can also buy a timely domain names and sell it with couple of months to get a good amount of profit. Here are some tips that will guide you when trying to buy or sell a domain name for profit.

  • narrow your focus
  • buy names that offer real value.
  • put your domain names infront of potential buyer

Domain Marketplace To Sell Your Domain Names:

  1. Sedo Marketplace
  2. Godaddy Auction
  3. Marketplace
  4. Flippa Marketplace
  5. NamePros Forum

make money from parking your domain names

Parking a domain means registering the domain but not putting a site on it. You essentially turn the domain into a landing page with a “this domain for sale” site on it, knowing basically no one is going to be interested in buying the domain. You cover this landing page with ads, and whenever someone lands on the page to see if it exists, you make some money. Then, if someone does express interest in buying the domain, you can sell it for a profit.

Domain Parking Place To Park Your Domain Names

  1. - domain parking
  2. - domain parking

make money developing it into website

A more time consuming but potentially rewarding way to profit from your domains is to create full featured websites around them. Obviously this takes much more effort since adding value to a domain involves many steps compared to a buy/sell or parking strategy. Adding value to a domain may include things like market research, content creation, and product development depending on what you want to do. In addition to the business side of developing a domain, you'll also need to handle the technical requirements of maintaining a website. However, there are numerous resources online (open source software, outsourcing, etc) that make this much more manageable for the less technically inclined.

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